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QR Compost activator was developed by Maye E Bruce back in the 1930's using dried herbs and honey in homeopathic quantities. Using the QR method and QR activator can make very fertile compost in as little as 4 weeks.



Herbal Compost Activator
Our Compost Activator is a herbal preparation with added honey. Fertile, high quality compost can be made in as little as 4 weeks. Simple to use - just mix with rainwater and sprinkle into the layers of the heap when building. Full instructions included in the packet. Can also be used as a tonic to improve flowering in plants and also in septic tanks to prevent odours. The 10g packet contains sufficient to make 10m cubed of compost, Prices below include supply of the activator and post & packing. Please note price variations for supplying to different countries and world zones.
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Gardener's Question Time

Broadcast on Sunday 14th December 2008, GQT featured an article on QR Compost Making. In a short interview with Eric Robson, Andrew Davenport gave a quick rundown on how good compost can be made quickly using the QR method.


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