About us

Quick Return compost making has been around for over 70 years but in these materialistic times it appears to have temporarily taken a back seat in terms of the world of composting. We believe that the QR system along with its inventor, are due much more recognition and credit than they currently attract.

Our aim is to propogate the knowledge of QR composting making, through literature, this website, demonstrations, talks and word of mouth to get the message across and put QR compost making firmly back on the map!

Funding from the sales of books,composting equipment, talks and workshops will allow us to continue our work in promoting QR composting as a means towards achieving sustainability; helping our planet and it's inhabitants through the difficult times ahead. Miss Bruce promoted the method in a very different way, 'Give back life to the soil and thus eventually abolishing disease in plant animal and man.' The ideas and concepts we wish to promote are exactly the same as Miss Bruce prescribed but the motive has now changed in that we wish to encourage and help gardeners to become more sustainable in their activities and inevitably more organic. The end results we aim to achieve are exactly the same as those desired by Miss Bruce. We are not a charity and do not desire any donations for this work, but if you want to help then please send donations to the Soil Association where they will be gratefully recieved.

As author of the book, 'Quick Return Compost Making - The Essence of the Sustainable Organic Garden', I have endeavoured to fairly represent, report, appraise and promote the work of Miss Bruce and will continue to do so through the activities of our work.

I have an enthusiasm and passion for compost making and gardening which has practically overtaken and changed my life. This has been built up over the last 15 years and I still consider myself to be a novice, open to advice, criticism and suggestions. Indeed, there may be improvements to the method that have been developed over the years by QR compost makers experimenting in the way that Miss Bruce always encouraged. That is part of the attraction of any compost making and fine tuning of the method is often a personal issue, frequently dependant on availability of resources. Indeed, the materials available, the environmental conditions, the local flora and fauna and other variables can differ vastly between one composter's heap and another composter's heap so what works for some people may not always work quite so well for others. This brings me to suggest just one thing;

'Get out there and give it a try, use your imagination (and local resources)and make some compost!'


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