Andrew Davenport: Organic hero.

February 5th 2009. The Soil Association have featured Andrew Davenport as an Organic hero on their website: "Meet Andrew Davenport of QR Composting Solutions and find out about his company philosophy, approach to organic principles and what keeps him awake at night...". Visit for further details.

"The Muck, The Magic and the Queen of the Compost"

In the February 2009 issue of 'Organic Garden and Home' Andrew Davenport talks about the muck, magic and mystery of Quick Return Compost Making

Gardeners Question Time

Broadcast on Sunday 14th December 2008, GQT featured an article on QR Compost Making. In a short interview with Eric Robson, Andrew Davenport gave a quick rundown on how good compost can be made quickly using the QR method.The book 'Quick return Compost Making' by Andrew is also recommended on the GQT website:

Contaminated Manure

A hormone based herbicide, sprayed on meadows and pastures to eradicate weeds, has been responsible for the contamination of farmyard manure resulting in abnormal, distorted growth in plants. The herbicide, known as aminopyralid, has made its presence felt in manure sold to gardeners and allotment holders around the country. The results have been catastrophic rendering the crops to a state which would be risky for human or animal consumption. For further details see

Making compost using the QR method can provide a suitable alternative for manure, providing of course that the materials added to the heap are from known safe sources (straw and hay may also be contaminated so it is best to check where these were sourced). Sustainably, composting materials from your own patch makes the most sense where the risk of introducing contaminated materials into your garden's ecosystem is kept to a minimum.


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