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Prior to using the QR method and without manure it was often a struggle to get certain plants to grow in the heavy clay soil which was either water logged or cracked open in the sun. Plants such as this Bergamot now flower with ease and elegance in the well drained yet moisture retentive compost fed soil.

We grew healthy and tasty veg in the raised beds which are mulched annually with QR compost.

The roses have responded well to the QR compost and a light feeding from a liquid valerian feed (made from valerian leaves in the same way as comfrey or nettle feed).

We had fantastic onions this year grown from organic seed (and in QR of course!)

The strawberries were exceptionally good this year too!

A fine selection of herbs make marvellous companions to the veg grown in the raised beds

swiss chard adds beauty to the veg plot as well as being a gastronimic delight


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